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Work, Intuitively.

Be it managing a Factory or a Cargo Vessel. Monitoring and controling the operations via a flat interface always misses out critical information.
By presenting the data in a visual digital twin format, and letting you diagnose, monitor and take actions at your finger tips.
Holodeck lets you play god.

What does it mean to you?

Critical Time Savings

Holodeck acts as your ears and eyes on ground by feeding you live dynamic data. Save the time spent on sending a personnel to the facility.

Too much Data, Too little Attention ?

Any Machine Infrastructure, having multiple individual systems could be a nightmare to the technician monitoring.
Trying to make sense out of so much dynamic data is mostly a sensory overload.
Holodeck presents you the state of each systems in an easy to infer 3D format.

Global Collaboration

Multiple experts want to examine and monitor different angles in the same video feed ? Control VR enables them each to have a custom perspective

Plug and Play

Already invested in a SCADA System ? Worry not, our system can plug into any existing DCS infrastructure and visualize the data for you

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